Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) Jobs through PTS

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Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) Jobs through PTS Here you will find all related jobs about punjab emergency service.Join rescue 1122 to save lives. These jobs are from pts jobs. These jobs are from punjab districts atock jehlum lahore rawalpindi gujrat bahawalpur khair pur and murree chakwal dera ghazi khan chiniot chakwal gujranwala rajanpur sargodha …


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PPSC PREPARATION What is Europe’s largest port-Rotterdam What was first used at the 1904 St Louis Olympic games-Gold medals silver was first before Where is the worlds oldest university- Fez Morocco –founded 859 What is the largest Island in The Greater Antilles- Cuba What is the worlds most polluted major city- Mexico City What is …

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HIGHEST MILITARY AWARDS PPSC PREPARATION Water vapors are formed due to evaporation Gas in gobar (cow dung) is ethylene. (chk biogas is natural gas) GMT was established in 1884 Radio broad casting started in 1920 Calorie requirement sedentary is 2500 k.cal, light word is 3000 k.cal, moderate work is 3500 k.cal and heavy work is …