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PPSC Jobs 2020 with list of all latest jobs announced by Punjab public service comission (PPSC) in islambad with details of application forms, notifications,schedule and result. The public service comission administers recruiting and hiring of talented individuals for civil service jobs under Government of pakistan Departments in Islamabad and across pakista. PPSC Recruitment is done for almost all categories and fields including Stenographers,Clerks,Teaching,Educators,Admin,Medical,Engineering,IT,Management and other fields.Major recruitment is done through general recruitment and CSS Exam to hire Civil and Government Servants in public sector organizations and federal Government departments.


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Paper preparation About Ocean



PPSS Past Papers about Ocean

  • Largest ocean is pacific, then Atlantic, Indian and then Arctic
  • Largest sea is South China Sea, then Caribbean Sea, then Mediterranean sea, Behring Sea Gulf of Mexico, Sea of Japan, Hudson Bay, East China Sea, Andaman Sea, then Black sea then Red sea and in the last Baltic
  • Sea of Japan is famous for fishing
  • Total seas are
  • Bermuda Triange is located in Atlantic
  • Diego Garcia is in Indian
  • The deepest place in the Indian Ocean is Sunda
  • Caspian Sea is located in Iraq-Azerbaijan, Turkmensitan, Kazakhstan &
  • Caspian Sea is the largest salt water lake in the
      • Which of the following cause ocean currents? Permanent winds
          • Aegean Sea is located in Atlantic
                  • The waters of Caspian Sea are shared by Russia, Iran &
                        • Which sea is sometimes called the Euxine Sea- Black SeaWhat sea is directly north of Poland- Baltic sea
                          • Caspian Sea water is shared by Iran, Russia &Cyprus is an island in the MediterraneanWhat is the worlds largest sea (in area): South ChinaAral Sea is in Central Asia (Kazakhstan). Aral is an inlandWhat is the world’s warmest sea- The Red SeaSargasso Sea is without aNether land’s land is below seaArctic Ocean is the smallest
    • Atlantic Ocean is called the “Herring Pond”.


  • Thar desert is located in Northwest India and East Pakistan
  • Dsht-i-Lut desert is in
  • The world’s largest desert Sahara is located in
  • Rub Alkali desert is in Saudi Arabia.
  • Kalhari desert is in South
  • Gobi desert is in Mongolia &
  • The Atacama Desert is located in North Chile, South
  • What is the worlds oldest desert – country named after it-Namib
  • Namib Desert is in South-West
  • Simpson Desert is in
  • Great Victoria Desert is in
  • Kalhari desert is in South
  • Arabian Desert is in Egypt.
  • Death Valley desert is in
  • Gibson Desert is in
  • Great Sandy Desert is in
  • Karakum desert is in
  • Kavir Dasht Davir desert is in
  • Nafud desert is in Saudi
  • Rub-el-Khali desert is in South Arabian
  • Sonoran desert is in Arizona to
  • Taklimankan is desert in
  • Deserts in Asia are: Gobi, Karakum, Rub-al-Khali, Takla
  • Takla Makan desert is in Xinjing (China).
  • Deserts in Africa are: Kalhari, Namib, and


  • CITIES ON RIVER BANKS(1) Venice stands on what river-The Arno

    (2) New York is on River Hudson’s bank.

    (3) Budapest is located on the bank of Danube river.

    (4) Paris is situated on the river Rhine.

    (5) River passing through Paris… The Siens

    (6) Paris is located ont eh bank of Seine river.

    (7) Agra is on the bank of Jamuna River.

    (8) On river Danube Budapest is located.

    (9) On river Siene Paris is located.

    (10) Montreal is situated on the bank of river Ottawa

    (11) The city of Bonn is situated in Germany

    (12) Calcutta is situated on Hoogli River.

    (13) Belgrade stands on the river Danube.

    (14) Rome is located beside the river Timber.

    (15) Attock lies on River Indus.

    (16) Baghdad lies on Tigris.

    (17) Bahawalpur lies on Sutlej.

    (18) Basra lies on Shatt-al-Arab.

    (19) Bedford lies on Danube.

    (20) Berlin lies on Spree.

    (21) Bonn (Germany) lies on Rhine.

    (22) Brussels (Belgium) lies on Senno.

    (23) Budapest (Hungary) lies on Danube.

    (24) Cairo lies on Nile.

    (25) Kolkata lies on Hoogli.

    (27)Chittagong lies on Karnaphuli.

    (28) Dhaka lies on Boori Ganga.

    (29) Damascus lies on Barada.

    (30) Delhi lies on Jumna.

Ten Largest NationsBy Area

  • Russia
  • Canada
  • China
  • USA
  • Australia
  • India
  • Argentina
  • Kazakhsta
  • Soda
  • By Population

  • China
  • India
  • USA
  • Indonesia
  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Japan
  • Nigeria
  • •                  Smallest by area and population is Vatican City.

    • Second smallest by area is Monaco

    •Gibraltar is the smallest colony.

    •The world’s smallest republic is Nauru.

    •Canada has the world’s longest coastline.

    •Monaco has a shortest coastline of 3.49 miles.

    •Largest continuous frontier is b/w Canada and USA.

    • Canada is the country with most lakes.

    •Most sparsely populated territory is Antarctica.

    •Most densely populated continent is Asia.


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