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Obesity differs from excess weight, as obesity can be defined as the accumulation of a lot of fat in the body, which is produced when a person consumes more calories than he uses, and there are many factors affecting weight gain, including excessive eating, especially foods. Fatty, in addition to lack of physical activity. It should be noted that the extra weight may come from muscles, or fat, or from increased water in the body, and the risk of obesity is linked to many diseases and health problems, as obesity increases the risk of developing diabetes , heart disease, stroke, and arthritis, In addition to some types of cancer. [1]

Obesity treatment in Jordan

is one of the most important health problems worldwide, including the Arab world and Jordan in particular, where data indicate a dangerous prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and adults, which creates a major challenge for health institutions to control obesity as an essential step to reduce the risk of infection Other chronic diseases, which account for more than 50% of disease and death rates in the Arab world. [2] Obesity can be treatedBy making many changes to the private lifestyle of a person with obesity, this needs to be followed up with a dietitian, behavior advisor or obesity specialist, and a loss of 3-5% of body weight is the first goal to get rid of obesity; signs of improvement begin to appear, and depend Appropriate methods of treatment at the level of obesity and the general health of the person, in addition to his willingness to participate in the plan to lose weight, and hereinafter we mention some of these methods: [3] [4] Dietary modification: This includes lowering calories and exercising healthy eating habits, which ensures weight loss slowly and steadily in the long term. This is the safest way to lose and maintain weight, and it is worth noting the importance of avoiding unrealistic harsh diets or what is called Crash -dieting; as it can cause a lot of health risks, and a lack of some vitamins , in addition to the possibility that it will often fail. Exercise: where is the increased physical activity and exercise sports an essential part of the process of weight loss, it is important that sport to become part of the daily routine of a person . People who are overweight or obese need 150 minutes a week of at least moderate intensity physical activity; to prevent Being overweight or to keep continuing to lose a small amount of it, while a person needs to exercise 300 minutes or more per week to ensure weight gain more efficiently, it is worth noting the importance of the gradual increase in the duration and intensity of exercise. Behavior modification: where knowledge of behavioral causes, factors, stresses or conditions that may have contributed to obesity such as emotional issues and anxiety situations , and excessive eating can help find appropriate treatment and achieve great success in the weight loss process. Prescriptions: It is well known that losing weight requires dieting and exercising regularly, but in addition to this, prescription medications can help the doctor lose weight, and it should be noted that the use of these medications must be combined with diet and exercise. . Surgical operations: where weight loss surgery is considered in some cases as a solution to the problem of obesity, as weight loss surgery (English: Bariatric surgery) limits the amount of food intake or reduces the absorption of food and calories or both, and it should be noted that this surgery can provide The best chance of losing weight, but it can pose significant risks to the body.

Causes of Obesity

there are many factors that contribute to an increased risk of obesity, and here we mention some of them: [5] Genetic factor: The genetic factor is considered a strong factor in increasing the risk of obesity, as obesity indicators in non-industrial societies increase rapidly when they start to follow a Western food pattern, and it is worth noting that the genes of these people have not changed, but the surrounding environment and the signals resulting from changing the food pattern sent To their genes, and this can be summed up by noting that children born to obese parents are more likely to be obese than their peers. Food addiction: This is a complex problem that is difficult to overcome, when a person is addicted to something, loses his freedom to choose and control, and this applies to addiction resulting from eating foods sweetened with sugar and fast foods that stimulate the reward centers ( In English: Reward centers) in the brain, which makes eating cravings difficult to overcome. Resistance Leptin: (English: Leptin Resistance), which is defined as lack of leptin ‘s ability to cross the blood – brain barrier (English: Blood-brain barrier), which is suffering from it usually people with obesity, is leptin hormone produced by fat cells, and rising levels in the blood As the body’s fat mass increases, it contributes to telling the brain how much fat is stored .

Obesity treatment methods

Obesity Treatment method
Obesity Treatment method

Medical Assistance

Some people suffer from obesity and the inability to lose weight on their own, but these people have an opportunity for medical help, so they should go to a family doctor who works to lose weight, who may also turn to a team of dietitians and a group of healthcare professionals Thus, the doctor will have an important role in the process of weight loss, and it may sometimes recommend certain medications or surgeries until obesity is eliminated. [1]

Changing Lifestyle & Behavior

The obese person is educated through the health care team, where he is educated about the nutritional plan that must be adopted in order to lose weight, in addition to physical exercises and daily activities that increase human endurance and metabolism, and unhealthy causes that increase Body weight and makes the person able to deal with various problems, such as: anxiety and depression

Get Support

Support can be obtained through many applications, where the smartphone is with the person all the time, so it is possible to follow the weight-loss plan, or keep a paper food magazine, as family members, friends, or colleagues play an important role in the motivation process. Encouragement, therefore, you should seek support from family and friends for obesity to be effectively treated.

Caloric restriction

Reducing calorie intake in high levels is considered necessary, and this can affect a large number of calories consumed through the following things: [3] Avoid food that has high calories and low nutritional value. Switching high-calorie foods, in order to reduce the percentage of calories gained. Reducing the size of the meals eaten.

Other tips for treating obesity

There are many other tips to reduce weight , including the following: [4] Drinking water before eating meals: Drinking water boosts metabolism by 24-30% over an hour to an hour and a half, which leads to burning more calories. Eating eggs at breakfast: studies have indicated that eating eggs reduces the percentage of calories intake within the next 36 hours, and it also increases the percentage of body fat loss. Coffee consumption: Coffee is an antioxidant that benefits humans, as studies have indicated that the caffeine in it boosts metabolism by 3-11%, and increases fat burning by up to 10-29%. Drink green tea: Because of its many benefits, it contains powerful antioxidants called catechins, which are one of the antioxidants that work in harmony with caffeine in order to enhance the process of burning fat. ‘ Intermittent fasting: can a diet pattern of moving the human between periods of fasting and eating, where studies suggest that intermittent fasting of the effective ways that reduce human weight.