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Here you will find all jobs about nts ots sts and also ppsc fpsc about tallest things of the world,coolest places in the world and also highest things of the world and also lowest things of the world and also biggest things of the world. Just do your permanent preparation for job and get job in easy way.

  1. Larges Oil refinery- Pak-Arab Oil refinery.
  2. Biggest mosque in Pakistan- Faisal Mosque Islamabad.
  3. Tallest building of Pakistan- Muslim commercial Bank Building (Karachi).
  4. Oldest forest of Pakistan- Janipur (Found between Loralai And Ziarat
  5. Longest Motorway in Pakistan- M-8
  6. Biggest Hockey Stadium of Pakistan- National Hockey Stadium Lahore
  7. Biggest industry of Pakistan –Textile
  8. Biggest industrial unit in public sector- Pakistan Steel Mills.
  9. Biggest province by population- Punjab
  10. Biggest library found in Pakistan- Punjab Library
  11. Biggest airline of Pakistan- PIA
  12. Biggest railway workshop in Pakistan- Mughalpura (Lahore)
  13. Largest city of Pakistan- Karachi
  14. Largest District of Pakistan- Chaghi
  15. Biggest desert found in Pakistan- Thar
  16. Highest battle field in Pakistan- Siachin Glacier
  17. Hottest place in Pakistan- Jacobabad
  18. Biggest airport of Pakistan- Quaid-e-Azam Airport Karachi
  19. Biggest Commercial Bank of Pakistan- Habib Bank Limited
  20. Biggest Barrage of Pakistan- Sukkur Barrage (1932)
  21. Oldest airline of Pakistan- Orient Airline
  22. Oldest private Airline of Pakistan- Hajvery Airline
  23. Largest & longest river- Indus (2896 Km) 1800 miles
  24. Biggest man-made lake found in Pakistan- Keenjhar Lake (Thatha)
  25. Biggest natural lake in Pakistan- Manchar Lake (Dadu)
  26. Pakistan’s largest Stock Exchange- Karachi
  27. Highest pass- Khunjerab Pass (6000 meters)
  28. Biggest Gas field- Sui Gas field
  29. Biggest hydroelectric power station- Tarbela Dam
  30. Largest jungle of Pakistan- Changa Manga
  1. Highest military award- Nishan-e-Haider
  2. Highest civil award- Nishan-e- Pakistan
  3. The Tallest Minaret in Pakistan- Four minarets of Shah Faisal Mosque with a height of 286 feet each.
  4. The Tallest Mountain Pass Pakistan- Muztagh Pass (Nothern Areas) height 19,030 feet
  5. The Tallest Mountain Peak Pakistan- K-2 (Karakoram) height 28,269 feet
  6. The Tallest Railway Station Pakistan- Khan Mehtarzai (height 2,221 feet)
  7. First Loin of Pakistan was designed by- Brandley
  8. The area lowest rainfall in Pakistan- Nokkundi
  9. The oldest Pakistani TV Station in located in- Lahore
  10. Largest mobile company in Pakistan- Mobil ink
  11. Largest sector of Pakistan’s economy- Agriculture sector
  12. Largest Trade partner of Pakistan- USA
  13. Lowest point below the sea level in Pakistan- Indian Ocean
  14. Biggest Thermal power station founded in- Pakistan Kot Addou
  15. Biggest export item in Pakistan- Textile (Cotton)
  16. Highest rainfall area of Pakistan- Murree
  17. Largest min excavated in Pakistan- Salt mines Khewra
  18. Largest stadium of athletics of Pakistan- Islamabad
  19. Highest population density rate in Pakistan- Islamabad
  20. Lowest population density rate in Pakistan- Chaghi district
  21. Largest seaport of Pakistan- Karachi
  22. Largest radio station in Pakistan- Islamabad
  23. Highest radio station in Pakistan- Gilgit
  24. Longest road in Pakistan- Pakistan Highway
  25. Largest Division of Pakistan- Kalat
  26. Smallest Division of Pakistan- Karachi
  27. Shortest river of Pakistan- Ravi River
  28. Largest Canal of Pakistan- Llovd Barrage Canal
  29. Largest Hospital in Pakistan- Nishtar Hospital
  30. Largest mausoleum in Pakistan- Quaid-e-Azam Tomb, Karachi
  1. Largest circulating Daily Newspaper of- Pakistan Jang
  2. Largest circulating English Daily Newspaper of Pakistan- Daily News
  3. Biggest park in Pakistan- Ayub National park
  4. Larges Dam in Pakistan- Terbela Dam
  5. Largest Earth filled Dam in Pakistan- Terbela Dam
  6. Oldest Nuclear reactor of Pakistan- Karachi nuclear power pant (1972)
  7. Biggest fort of Pakistan- Rani Kot Fort (Haiderabad)
  8. Oldest fort of Pakistan- Daraward Fort
  9. Coldest place in Pakistan –Skardu
  10. Highest dam in Pakistan –Mangla Dam
  11. Highest glacier of Pakistan- Siachen
  12. Longest glacier of Pakistan- Siachen
  13. Largest Island of Pakistan- Manora
  14. Oldest Barrage of Pakistan- Sukkur Barrage
  15. Highest mountain peak- K-2 (8611 meter or 28251)
  16. Highest railway station of Pakistan- Khan Mehtarzai
  17. Highest Road- Sharah-e-Karakorm (Sharah Resham)
  18. Oldest news agency of Pakistan- APP (Associate Press of Pakistan)
  19. Biggest cricket stadium of Pakistan- National Stadium Karachi
  20. Largest shipping company of Pakistan- Pakistan national Shipping Corporation
  21. Largest university of Pakistan- Punjab University
  22. Largest (biggest) province by area- Balochistan.

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