How to Get RS 4000 From Insaf Imdad Program Imran khan

March 31, 2020 14 Comments

How to Get RS 4000 From Insaf Imdad Program Imran khan

Welcome to the world of This post is about the Insaf Imdad Program by the government of Punjab, Pakistan. In this video Mr How educated you that how you can fill the form of Insaf Program Form. Follow these tips to apply for 4000 imdad, latest updates and amazing skill videos. If you have any questions or need guidance about any thing, just comment below in the comment section.Insaf imdad, register insaaf imdad, insaf imdad application, insaf imdad app, insaaf imdad pti, insfaf imdad, relief fund application, relief fund, انصاف امداد, insaf imdad details, insaf imdad punjab, 4000 insaf imdad, insaf imdad website, insaf imdad form submit, government insaf imdad, register for insaf imdad, Prime minister relief program, pm relief program, PM relief package, 4000 relief program, imran khan, pti 4000 rupees.


14 thoughts on “How to Get RS 4000 From Insaf Imdad Program Imran khan”

  1. It is humbly request to farward my application . I am very thankful to you to take this step for unemployed people and also request to hire me for such job according to my qualifications and abilities
    My qualifications is graduation and B.ed and also experiencein computer work .
    Job experience in NGO CESVI in Multan on sanitising and hygiene program.

  2. Assalam Alaikum, sir when will start insaaf imdaad program in kpk and how can anyone who is needy will apply?

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  4. Aoa mein ne kafi dafa insaf imdad mein apply kia har bar jawab milla k meri registration how gaye he magar kuch bhi nahi milla Abhi bhi aas laga k bethein hein kia waqi kissi ko imdad mile gi.?

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