PPSC Past Paper Junior Clerk (BS-11)

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 PPSC Past Paper Junior Clerk (BS-11)

1. Pickout the serial number of Surah Maryam in the 114 Surahs of Holy Quran.

(A) 15

(B) 17

(C) 19

(D) 21

2. A computer cannot function without:

(A) Microsoft Office

(B) Operating System

(C) Internet Connection

(D) Antivirus Protection

3. Which neighboring country of Pakistan is a land locked country?

(A) Afghanistan

(B) China

(C) India

(D) Iran

4. Which is the full form of Wi-Fi?

(A) Wireless Fidelity

(B) Wired Fidelity

(C) Wireless Focus

(D) Wireless Field

5. A computer virus is:

(A) A Micro organism

(B) Electromagnetic waves entering computer through a network

(C) A useful micro component of a computer

(D) A computer programme

6. Which of the following files have ‘mpg’ extension?

(A) Audio

(B) Image

(C) Video

(D) Flash

7. CD is an optical disk format that is used to hold:

(A) Pre-recorded text

(B) Graphics

(C) Sound

(D) All of these

8.Which of the following keyboard shortcut is used reverse the last action in Microsoft word?

(A) Ctrl +Z

(B) Ctrl + X

(C) Ctrl + Y

(D) Ctrl + U

9. A and B can together” finish a work 30 days. They worked together for 20 days and then B left after another 20 days. A finished the remaining work. In how many days A alone can finish the work?

(A) 40

(B) 50

(C) 54

(D) 60

10. A Fuse wire (Fuse) is used to:

(A) To strengthen an electrical

(8) Convert DC into AC

(C) Convert DC into AC

(D) Prevent damage due to unusually high voltage

11. A library received an average of 510 visitors ever Sunday and on other days 240. What is the average number of visitors in a month of 30 days beginning with Sunday?

(A) 280

(B) 285

(c) 290

(D) 295

12. Which of the following is divisible by 12?

(A) 4653

(B) 4818

(C) 4404

(D) 4501

13. If a cube has 3 inches width, 3 inches length and inches height, what would be the volume (in cubic inches) of the cube?

(A) 9 cubic inches

(B) 15 cubic inches

(C) 18 cubic inches

(D) 27 cubic inches

14. 30% of 10 is equal to 0.3% of.

(A) 3000

(B) 2000

(C) 1000

(D) 750

15. If 35 labourers dig 805 cubic meters of earth in 5 hrs, how much of the earth will 30 labourers dig in 6 hrs?

(A) 726 m3

(B) 828 m3

(C) 869 m3

(D) 928m3

16. Complete the series: 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16

(A) 20

(B) 24

(C) 22

(D) 26

17. Find the correct Indirect sentence: Shahid’s brother said to him, “Please wait for me.”

(A) Shahid’s brother asked him to wait for him.

(B) Shahid’s brother suggested him to wait for him

(C) Shahid’s brother said to him to wait for me

(D) Shahid’s brother requested him to wait for him

18. Change from Active to Passive Voice. “She was watching a film.”

(A) A film was being watched by her

(B) A film is being watched by her

(C) A film will be watched by her

(D) A film was watched by her

19. Change the Voice to the following sentence: “I will have finished that book.”

(A) That book has been finished by me

(B) That book will be finished by me

(C) That book will have been finished by me

(D) None of these

20. A young police officer was charged the task of transporting the prisoners

(A) For

(B) By

(C) In

(D) With


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